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Cheering was launched final yr as a type of digital tipping which entails purchasing "Bits" - animated emoji - using real-world money. You can then use Bits in chat messages as a option to support your favourite streamer. As you cheer, you’ll additionally earn Chat Badges for the channel to have that help recognized extra broadly.

Can Twitch Bits be Converted to USD?

3 Twitch Bits to USD - Calculate how a lot are they value

four The best way to arrange bits on Twitch

5 How to buy Twitch Bits?

6 Methods to accumulate Twitch Cheer Bits totally free

7 Earn money on Twitch by watching ads7.1 By completing surveys

8.0.1 Are Twitch Bits taxable?

8.0.2 Are Twitch Bits refundable?

8.0.3 How do I declare my Bits on Twitch?

Do you have to wish to play with pals whereas streaming, you could want a headset (headphones with a mic) as an alternative of just headphones. With a second mic in the mix, you could have the option of a two-microphone setup that will transmit your voice more cleanly to the stream, whereas still permitting you to speak along with your occasion. Our setup instructions cowl both single mic and double mic configurations.